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Resources for new clean energy technology and sourcing:

Open Source Research:

Thanks to RWG research and open research. Russ Gries is a leader in the open source energy

movement with his website and You Tube channel. He has shown how to build numerous

devices and provides a forum for research in clean energy, 3D printing, using analytical

equipment and much more.

Prototype motors in the videos are manufactured by:

Johnson Electric, the world leader in micro motors, offering custom engineering solutions based

on a wide range of low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor platforms.

Alternative Energy:

The latest in clean energy innovation with articles and video:

Alternative energy news, and information about renewable energy technologies.

E-Cat World

Following LENR/cold fusion news and with an always open forum. Featuring the Andrea Rossi

e-cat and Industrial Heat, with articles on Brillouin Energy Corporation with their cold fusion

wet boiler and hydrogen hot tube, MFMP Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

open source, Blacklight Power and other news in the latest research of new energy technologies.